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A real estate development firm specializing in mixed use complexes in emerging US cities.

The Community Within The Corridor - Kitchen

Real Estate Development


Scott Crawford, Inc. works with each client to determine the feasibility and risk associated with the project and the best way to proceed with the project.


Scott Crawford, Inc. works through the riskiest portion of the project which is the construction part to make sure the project is on time and within budget.


After the construction phase, Scott Crawford, Inc ensures that the project is either filled with tenants or placed in service to the owner of the property.


We create spaces where we would love to work, live and play.

Through a curated method of collaboration with community members, local stakeholders and experienced partners,  Scott Crawford, Inc. leverages a breadth of knowledge to creating dynamic projects.


Make your space useful and different

Experience of over 10 years of successful projects on creating unique and modern interior designs all over the world.

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Scott Crawford, Inc. is a Real Estate development company in which the Principal, Que El-Amin has over 10 years of Real Estate experience in the Milwaukee Metropolitan area. Since 2007, Scott Crawford, Inc. constructed over 45 residential real estate reaching over $100M in total development costs.

“I have a couple of other things going on with Que,” Garcia said. “This guy is as smart as they come. He’s really an architect of affordable housing and an architect of community.”

Rafael Garcia, Executive Director of Community First

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